The Šabalja family is particularly proud of its olive trees located on the family land, in the town of Porat, near Malinska on the island of Krk, while part of the olive trees is planted near the seaside hotel. Currently, there are a total of 350 olive trees, some of the old inherited olives and most of the olive groves are newly planted olive trees about 20 years ago. Abundant productions are given by the varieties “Plominka”, “Leccino”, “Pendolino” whose fruits are hand-picked and processed immediately on the day of harvesting and assembled. The blend of this premium olive oil has been awarded at many rated quality events. The olive oil is offered exclusively to the guests of the Bracera tavern and the guests of Villa Margaret with a gastronomic offer of the highest level. In the hotel restaurant, we do not limit the olive oil only for tasting but we sell it to guests hotel at the reception. At the same time, olive oil will be an ideal souvenir and gift to bring from Croatia.


The gardens are located in Porat on the island of Krk, right next to the hotel, so the transport from the garden to the table was faster. To provide guests with the most organic food, the company uses traditional farming practices. This guarantees high-quality vegetables and herbs. Individuals become aware of the benefits of consuming organic and fresh products, more and more restaurants use organic products and fresh ingredients, while in addition to following the trends, we must sow our own in practice anyway. Always.

Our organic vegetables are located on 8,000 m2, where we produce high-quality olive oil from our olive groves. For the needs of the restaurant, there is also a fruit of its production, almonds, hazelnuts, figs (different types), pomegranate, sour cherries, sour cherries, persimmons. In synergy with the restaurants, we make sure that seasonal zucchini, aubergines, lettuce, leeks, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, celery, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, basil seedlings, carrots …